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Prevention of statelessness among Roma population

On 12 April 2017, CRP Sisak, as a part of the activities of the project „Prevention of statelessness among Roma population“ financed by UNCHR, organized a promotion stand on the Slavo Striegl Promenade in Sisak  The goal of the stand was to inform population about the problem of statelessness.


Stateless persons are persons that no state considers as their citizens. Those are persons without their Embassies to ask for information and that are not under protection of any state.


Although statelessness is relatively unknown problem, in the Republic of Croatia there are almost 3000 persons without any citizenship, and number of people that are at risk of losing it is difficult to define.


Through the implementation of the mentioned project, CRP will have an advocacy campaign to inform the population about problem of statelessness and the fact that it mostly hits Roma population that is already poor and vulnerable. Beside the promotion stands, four short video sketches will be made for the campaign.

We would like to invite all the citizens to inform CRP Sisak office about the cases of statelessness they know about, or to send those people to some of CRP offices.

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