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We Are

The Civil Rights Project Sisak is a non-governmental, non-political, unprofitable, humanitarian organisation registered in Sisak on 2 December 2003. CRP Sisak works in the Sisak-Moslavina and Karlovac counties, and in co-operation with other non-governmental organisations in the territory of the whole Croatia. CRP Sisak continues the work of the Civil Rights Project of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

CRP – About Us

Our Goals

The goal of the organisation is promotion and protection of human rights, development of political culture and local community, development of civil society, promotion of social partnership and intersectoral dialogue, development of intersectoral and sectoral cooperation, fighting against corruption, fighting against violence, poverty and for social inclusion, development of rural areas, raising awareness on ecological issues, providing humanitarian aid development and strengthening of democracy and humanism, etc.

Our Activities

In order to achieve its goals, the organisation performs the following activities:

  • Development of civil society and local communities
  • Monitoring of public policies and advocacy
  • Providing assistance to citizens in protection of their civil and human rights
  • Education for democracy in society
  • providing free legal aid and relevant information
  • providing humanitarian aid
  • protecting minorities
  • stimulating ethnic and religious co-operation
  • development of rural areas
  • developing co-operation with similar organisations in the country and abroad
  • supporting civil initiatives and economic development
  • strengthening local democracy through the participation of citizens in decision making and development of pluralistic and multicultural society as a basis for the construction of a community that fits its citizens.

Since 1999, when the office in Sisak was opened, CRP Sisak, as it continues the work of NRC, provided free legal aid, including in-court representation, to more than 19.000 citizens, mostly returnees, refugees and IDP’s. As a local organisation, we continue the work with the mentioned beneficiaries, but our beneficiaries are also all socially vulnerable citizens.

The organisation goals demand co-operation and co-ordination of work with other humanitarian organisations in the country and abroad, with the authorities in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. CRP Sisak continues its co-operation with NRC Oslo, as well as with NRC offices in Serbia and Kosovo, UNHCR, OSCE and others. CRP is member of Platform 112, BURA – network for fighting against corruption, ENAR – for fighting against racism, etc. CRP Sisak a contact point of the Ombudsman for fighting against discrimination in the Central Croatia.

CRP Sisak has a dynamic program that changes in accordance with the circumstances.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

NRC is an independent humanitarian organisation that works to promote the rights of refugees and IDP’s, regardless of their race, religion, nationality and political convictions. NRC has worked for displaced persons since 1946, and today NRC has projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Its activities are concentrated in four core areas: education, shelter, distribution of food and non-food items, and information, counselling and legal assistance.

Civil Rights Project (CRP) started its work in Croatia in 1996 in Eastern Slavonia. Project goal was to ensure protection of the rights of the population through legal aid. The office in Sisak was opened in 1999. By the end of 2003, CRP had 13 offices in Croatia, BiH, Serbia and Monte Negro, and Kosovo.

NRC CRP Sisak is one of the first NRC projects that continued its work after NRC withdrew from Croatia.


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