The meeting of the informal anti-discrimination network

CRP Sisak participated in the meeting of the Informal Network of anti-discrimination which took place in Zagreb on 5th of February 2015.  Center for Peace Studies organised the meeting that was attended also by representatives of Homo Pula, Service Workers’ Union in Croatia (SSUH), the Office of the Ombudsman, Serbian Democratic Forum and Cenzura Plus.

The most important problems that NGOs were faced with were discussed at the meeting, in particular cases of discrimination, housing issues and problems that were encountered by members of national minorities. Mentioned problems were not the same in every region. So, representative of Censura Plus highlighted the issue of hate speech in the local media as well as the problem of violence against women.

SSUH representative pointed out the problem of ​​employment of young women in the stores where discrimination was particularly manifested. CRP Sisak noted problems of unsolved or pending housing cases, problems encountered by members of Roma national minority and free legal aid in general.

Conclusion of the meeting was that there was still need for continuation of providing of information to the population and raising awareness about discrimination among them, as well as to continue cooperation between civil society organizations and other stakeholders. Center for Peace Studies announced that they would  soon organise trainings for lawyers and legal advisors, representatives of civil society organizations.

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