Europe in my farm – visits to the villages in Banija

CRP Sisak implements “Door to door” visits as an activity of the project „Europe in my farm“, financed by the European Union through the IPA INFO 2012 programme and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia through its Office for co-operation with NGOs. CRP plans to visit 500 family farms and through individual approach informs and educate rural population on EU agricultural production standards. During March 2014, CRP visited family farmers in the villages of Blatuša, Šljivovac, Pješčanica, Katinovac, Lovska, Bair and Rajić in the area of Vrginmost, Topusko and Novska.

Our associate, Centre for Rural Initiatives from Klinac near Petrinja assisted in the field visits. We visited 20 households – family farms in several days during March and informed people about implemented activities within the project. We have also informed them about planned activities during spring 2014; cheese & cream production education in accordance with current standards and education on some other standards and EU funds in relation to agriculture and rural development programmes.

The village population told us that they were introduced with some regulations in relation to production of plum brandy, home-made meat products and traditional pig slaughtering. During the visits, the sets of hand tools with EU logo were given to the village population, as well as promotional materials. Farmers were very positive towards this type of activity / visits and they expressed their readiness and wish to stay in touch with us in order to be appropriately informed and educated.

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