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IPA INFO 2012 – Workshops on Honey and Non-Timber Forest Products

On 23 June 2014, CRP organized two workshops on „Honey“ and „Non-timber forest products“, within the project “Europe in my Farm”. Although, these two workshops were not planned at the beginning of the project, changes in legislative that influence producing of honey and collecting of non-timber forest products, forced us to organise such workshops, so we could inform our citizens on time.

The themes of workshops were very interesting and therefore the workshops were attended by about 50 people, who could hear, from agricultural experts Alan Đozić and Igor Petrović,, all news about producing honey and collecting non-timbre forest products.

In the first workshop, on collecting of forest products, all prejudices and fears about permissions for entering forests and extremely high penalties were eliminated through the explanations that were given through presentation.

Regarding the production of honey, the most of questions were related to possibilities of co-financing of production through the National Beekeeping Program 2014-2016, but also to marking, packing, quality and selling of honey. Because of a huge experience of the moderator on producing of honey, all attendants could hear some useful advices and tricks about producing and improving of quality of honey.

These two, additionally added workshops, are the indicators that CRP Sisak will, despite of the fact that the project will end, try to continue to organize similar workshops and inform people on legislative changes that influence the agriculture and rural development.

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