Representatives of CRP Sisak participated in the work conference organized in Brussels

Representatives of CRP Sisak participated in the work conference organized in the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy in 2015 in Brussels and the Ceremony of the 2014 CAP Communication Awards

Representatives of CRP Sisak participated in the work conference organized by DG AGRI (Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development) in Brussels, Belgium on 29th of January 2015, as well as in the presentation of the best nominated projects from various European countries – finalists, whose project activities in 2014 aimed to informing of farmers and rural population. CRP Sisak has nominated its project “Europe in my Farm” during fall 2014 within the relevant call for proposals and afterwards was informed that our nominated project was short listed among wider range of finalist (top 15 projects out of 146 nominees). Representatives of those 15 finalists were invited to travel to Brussels and to take part in the working conference, as well as to attend the Ceremony of 2014 CAP Communication Awards, where the nine most successful projects were presented and winners in each category were chosen.
The one-day conference was divided in two parts. First part was working one, during which several representatives of DG AGRI presented certain economic analysis, perspectives and evaluations of their previous activities with special emphasis on communication between various stakeholders. Subsequently, participants of the conference were divided in three groups and attended different workshops. The participants had previously chosen which workshop they wanted to participate in. CRP representatives participated in the “Communication with the public” and “Innovative Communication” workshops, where they were informed about different ways of communicating. Also, they have worked in smaller working groups and had the opportunity to express their observations and suggestions how to improve communication among the participants.

In the second part of the conference, the presentation of nine European finalists in three categories was organized: Communication to the public, Communication to stakeholders and Innovative communication. The participants voted and selected the winners.

Working conference was closed with a cocktail for participants.

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