UNHCR promotional stand

On the 29th of March 2017, CRP Sisak organized the first of four promotional stands in the pedestrian zone in Sisak. The stand was organized as a part of the activities of the project called Free legal aid to returnees, refugees, minorities and other socially vulnerable population financed by UNCHR that CRP Sisak has been implementing from 01st January 2017 until 31st December 2017. The topic of the promotional action was fighting against discrimination and xenophobia and raising awareness of general public on tolerance towards returnees and refugees.

The stand was organized in the honor of the International day of fighting against race discrimination, which we celebrate on 21st of March. On the stand that was set on the pedestrian zone the promotional and educational material was distributed. We have also informed the citizens about UNCHR mission in Croatia and activities of CRP.

Through interaction with citizens, we realized that most of citizens did not even know about the existence of the International day and about bad influence of discrimination in society. However, many of the citizens said that they were aware that there were cases of racial discrimination.

CRP considers that direct interaction with the citizens, like it was the case with the organized stand, and advocacy activities are the best way in raising awareness of general public in fighting against discrimination.

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