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CRP Sisak is member of the Committee for making of Action Plan for inclusion of Roma for period 2017 – 2019

In March 2017, Mayor of the City of Sisak made a decision on forming of the Committee for making of Action Plan for Roma. The Committee consists of Roma NGOs, Roma national minority councils, representatives of the City of Sisak, Sisak – Moslavina County, Centre for Social Welfare and Elementary school “Braća Bobetko”, which is attended by a large number of Roma children, and representatives of CRP Sisak.

At the meeting that was held on 6th April 2017 in the Sisak City Hall, the President of the Committee – Marko Krička welcomed the present and pointed out that the measures of the Action Plan should be realistic, adjusted to the possibilities of financing and with the probability of successful implementation. He also exposed that he would like to avoid the well-known fact that the majority of such documents never came to their implementation.

After the presentation of the President, in an active debate, working groups were formed and the main measures were defined. Also, the first meeting of the working groups of the Commission was agreed and each group would present the content of their measures, key issues and suggestions on how to solve them. The meeting will discuss in more details the topics that should be an integral part of the Plan. The goal of this Plan is to contribute to solving of social problems that members of Roma national minority are facing in their lives every day.

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