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CRP Sisak participated in organisation of ZOO visit of Roma children

On the 12th of March 2014, CRP Sisak participated in organisation of ZOO visit of Roma children, pupils of Braća Bobetko Sisak elementary school. The visit, which was initiated by the NGO Roma Cultural Centre, with donation of the City of Sisak and CRP Sisak, and with assistance of CRP, enabled 33 kids to see animals which they never had chance to see before.

Visit started with an educational workshop in the Educational centre of ZOO Zagreb. After introducing of different species of animals, including the most unusual ones, the kids had opportunity to touch real snake, egg of ostrich and skin of Croatian snake with the strongest venom, poskok, i.e. horned viper, what was very impressive for them. They used their knowledge, which they had gained during the workshop, while seeing the animals.

To achieve educational goal of the visit, CRP organized a paint workshop during which the children draw the animal that made the biggest impression on them.

This visit completely achieved its educational goal. Roma children who, because of their social status, never had chance to visit ZOO, and who are, because of their ethnicity, often discriminated, had a chance to learn something new and to forget about social stigma that society put on them.

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