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Round table „Discrimination – protection mechanisms – right to equal treatment“

On 12 July 2013 in Zagreb, the Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights Osijek organised a round table „Discrimination – protection mechanisms – right to equal treatment“ within IPA 2008 project „Initiative of the civil society organisations for changes in antidiscrimination policies.“
Ljiljana Božić Krstanović presented their report on monitoring of implementation of the Law on Free Legal Aid and Law on Fighting against Discrimination that was made in cooperation with the Centre for Peace Studies.
Anka Kekez Koštro presented the policy document “Umbrella against discrimination”. Jagoda Novak from the Ombudsman office spoke about the right to justice for all under equal conditions. She emphasised that the right to justice was one of the basic human rights.
Dunja Čurčija from CRP Sisak spoke about problems in providing of free legal aid, emphasising that a very low number of beneficiaries could reach their right to legal aid under the present Law. Renata Duka of the Ministry of Justice agreed with the fact that the present system was not functioning. She said that the new Law would be more functional and better.
The conclusion of all present was that it was necessary to secure adequate financial means for providing of free legal aid, which was the biggest obstacle for reaching the right to free legal aid. Also, it is necessary to further develop the primary legal aid system and secure funds for NGOs in order that they are able to continue their activities in providing of legal aid, because they are the most experienced legal aid providers.


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