European year of citizens 2013

On 6 May 2013 in the City Hall in Sisak, CRP participated in the debate „ Participation of citizens in decision making“ on the occasion of marking of the 2013 European Year of Citizens. The event was organised by the Office for NGOs of the Croatian Government.
Besides the Government Office for NGOs and its Head, Igor Vidačak and Paula Raužan of the Croatian Alliance European Year of Citizens 2013, the following participated in the debate: representatives of the Town of Sisak, Town of Duga Resa, Association of Blind Persons, Milan Medić of the LAG Vallis Colapis from Ozalj and Milana Kreća from the Civil Rights Project Sisak.
The aim of the debate was to encourage citizens to continuously be involved and actively participate in decision making processes at the local, national and European level, as well as to identify existing problems at the local and national level.
Sisak is a good example, because there is an experience in establishment of structures for dialog and strategies for cooperation, as there is the Charter on cooperation between the Town and NGOs, as well as the Council for development of civil society. However, they are not functioning. Also, it is necessary to work on building of capacities of citizens and NGOs, as they are at a low level.

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