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Meeting with the Administrative Departments of the Sisak – Moslavina County on the project “Building Capacity of the Roma civil society organizations in the Sisak – Moslavina County”

The meeting was held in the Sisak – Moslavina County on 13th of March 2013. The following persons participated in the meeting: head of the Social Welfare Department, Josip Takač and Ivan Kirinčić, advisor; head of the Department for Management of the Accession Funds Tatjana Puškarić; and Vlasta Mesić of the Department for Education, Culture and Sport; Milana Kreća, Aleksandar Kojić and Anita Košar Ulemek, as representatives of the CRP Sisak, as well as Svjetlana Grubješić, representative of the partner organization.

The aim of the meeting was to present the project and the project activities to the Sisak – Moslavina County – associate on the project and to discuss the cooperation proposals of the CRP Sisak.

Concerning the fact that there are 14 active Roma organizations in Sisak – Moslavina County, CRP is of an opinion that current situation where just 3 out of 14 associations participate in public call for proposals should be changed. Also, CRP and partner organisation presented a problem related to the high school education of the Roma pupils in the High School “Kotva” from Sisak. They had started secondary education with the financial support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, but due to the lack of funds they could not finish their schooling and get diplomas.

Also, the meeting discussed the fact – insufficiency of education and motivation of the Roma parents, which is one of the obstacles to continuation of education of their children, after finishing of primary school. The scholarships for the Roma students are very important, but because of the lack of information about the tenders for scholarships and not participating in calls, the Roma children miss the opportunity for financial assistance in the completion of the education.

All the present are of the opinion that the Roma population need the premises where different educational and informative workshops would be held, as well as other activities. In the meantime, CRP Sisak will organise monthly meetings with representatives of the Roma CSOs and invite also representatives from the County in order to inform all stakeholders about every aspect of the Roma issues at local level. So, Roma representatives will be in position to inform relevant stakeholders about Roma population problems and other issues which might be a good base for joint action in order to resolve detected problems.

It was also agreed that CRP Sisak would be a contact point between the County and potential free legal aid beneficiaries in order to achieve different minority rights proscribed by the Law.

The conclusion of the meeting is that the great efforts should be implemented in order to educate Roma, because without it, the Roma population will stay uniformed, unemployed, and not in position to gain  rights before the state and judiciary bodies, as well as before the state’s local institutions and to secure better living conditions.

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