Round table: Necessity for more efficient war crimes proceedings

On 14 March 2012 in Zagreb, CRP participated at the round table that was organised by Documenta, Civil Committee for Human Rights and Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights Osijek.

The three organisations that monitor war crimes trials in Croatia and region recently published and presented their yearly report on war crimes trials in 2011.
CRP participated in the discussion on protection of witnesses. Milana Kreća shortly presented the CRP experience regarding the Sisak war crime proceedings being held in Osijek. The clients, witnesses, approached CRP because they did not have an adequate public transportation. They also needed support as they are damaged parties in the proceedings. Therefore, CRP pointed out the necessity of systematic solution of support to witnesses, especially in war crimes, being very sensitive ones. The present support system provides support to witnesses when they physically come to the court.

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