Ecological agricultural production workshop

On 14 December 2011 in the Civil Centre Hrvatska Kostajnica, CRP Sisak and Centre for Rural Initiatives, together with Novi Svijet Luščani and Eko-Una Cooperative, organised a workshop on advantages, potentials and challenges of ecological production in agriculture. The lecturer was Mr. Marin Fucijaš of the First Ecological Station in Zagreb, which does supervision and certification of ecological production and products. Around 20 beneficiaries were present and they were first explained what they needed to do to be registered for ecological production. Also, general standards and technologies of ecological production, as well as standards and technologies of production of fruits and cereals were explained. The newest world achievements in ecological production, as well as the mechanisation, were presented. The economic aspects, subventions and market potential in Europe were explained. The workshop was very useful, as it demystified the ecological production, for which many people thought that it was very complicated and difficult to achieve. Finally, it was concluded that it was very similar to the “old” agriculture that still many people in this area practised. Therefore, they would need almost only to register it.

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