CRP and The Ombudsman

CRP Sisak became member of the Anti-discrimination network

On 27th of April 2012 the Civil Rights Project joined the Anti-discrimination network of civil society organisations (CSOs).
The Anti-discrimination network of CSOs was formed in mid-2011 in order to gather CSOs involved, at least to same stage, in fighting against discrimination on various grounds (according to the Law on Prevention of Discrimination.) The network is informal and it is open to all CSOs who express interest in participating. The network is actually a platform for exchange of information, knowledge and experiences, as well as advocacy and monitoring instrument for the implementation of anti-discrimination policies in Croatia. One of the goals of the Network is to prepare an annual report on implementation of the policy against discrimination, where CSOs report on relevant cases.
There are currently more than 30 active CSOs and lawyers involved into the Anti-discrimination network.

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