CRP and The Ombudsman

Workshop with employers in Karlovac

On 9 July 2012, CRP, as the regional contact point for antidiscrimination for the region of Central Croatia, participated at the second workshop within the project „Equally diverse“ that has been implemented by the Croatian Employment Office, Government Office for Human Rights and rights of national minorities and the Ombudsman. The workshop was held in „Adriadiesel d.d.“ Karlovac.
The leaders of „Adriadiesel d.d“ participated in the workshops, the trainers Lana Nančinović and Tanja Prekodravac. The workshops related to encouragement of diversity, mentor system and knowledge sharing.
Through practical examples, the workshop informed the present on antidiscrimination in Croatia, as well as on equal opportunities regarding employment.
The next workshop will be held on 19 July 2012 at the same company. After that workshop, recommendations for further development will be formed in order to increase equal opportunities and diversity in working environment, as well as to fight against discrimination.

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