Platform 112


The Civil Rights Project Sisak, as well as other NGOs, became support member of the Platform 112 during June 2012. We support and we are involved in the concept of the Platform 112 through our work and constant interventions towards protection of the human rights.

The Platform 112, as informal coalition, gathers around 60 organizations of civil society that have been dealing with protection of human rights, democratization of system, peace building & belief in progress, fighting against corruption at all levels and protection of public resources, especially environmental resources, in relation to the finalisation of Croatia’s Accession Negotiations with the EU.

The goal of the Platform 112 is to define priorities and concrete measures for Croatia where the rule of law would be support for individuals, institutions and political elite. The Platform is focused to consistency of political accountability of the Government, as well as all political actors and institutions for real improvements in 5 inter-related areas:

  • Stable, accountable and democratic government institutions and equal access to justice
  • Quality of democracy
  • Fight against corruption and the public interest
  • Equality and dignity of all people
  • Legacy of war, dealing with the past and peace-building

The Platform 112 carefully monitors the work of the Government during its mandate, and systematically informs domestic and international public about all positive or negative steps in above mentioned areas. It also calls the government to account in relation to undertaken commitments arising from the international treaties and pre-election promises.

“Platform 112 – for Croatia governed by the Rule of Law” is composed of the following organizations:

B.a.B.e., Centre for Education, Counselling and Research (CESI), Centre for LGBT Equality, Centre for Peace Studies (CMS), Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights-Osijek, Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past, GONG, Human Rights House, Right to the City, Serb Democratic Forum, Transparency International Croatia, Association for Social Affirmation of People with Mental Disabilities – Sjaj, Association for Independent Media Culture, Association for Promoting Inclusion, Association for Promotion of Equal Possibilities, Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs “PUŽ”, Association for Self-Advocacy, Association of Croatian Investigative Journalists and the Green Action.

“Platform 112 – for Croatia governed by the Rule of Law” has been supported by the following organizations:

Amnesty International Croatia, Brod Ecological Society, Centre of inclusive support IDEM, Centre for civic initiatives Poreč, Center for peace, legal advice and psychosocial assistance Vukovar, Centre for support and development of civil society DELFIN Pakrac, Eco Pan, Eco-Eco Komin, Ecological touristic association of Šolta, Eco-Zadar, Forum for the freedom of education, Croatian association of deaf blind persons Dodir, Croatian association for education of guide dogs and mobility, Croatian Alliance of blind persons, Iskorak – Centre for Rights of sexual minorities, Coalition of NGOs info zone, Coalition of NGOs in Health system, Coordination of NGOs for children, Krka Knin, Kurziv – platform for cultural issues, media and society, lesbian group Kontra, MIRamiDA Centre for regional exchange of peace experiences, Network of Youth in Croatia, Civil Rights Project Sisak, Radio Network, Parents in action, Association Delta, Fade In – fantastically good institution, Alliance of NGOs of tenants in Croatia (SUSH), Social policy and inclusion (SPUK), Association for protection and education of mobbing victims, Association for protection of persons with mental retardation Međimurje County, Association for nature, environment and sustainable development Sun, Association for promotion of Human Rights and media freedom CENZURA PLUS, Association for development of civil society SMART, Volunteer centre Zagreb, Green Istra, Green Osijek, Zeo Nobilis, Women’s Room.