Coordination for Integration

During March 2020, the Civil Rights Project Sisak has joined the Coordination for Integration, an informal network of civil society organizations that through their work provide support to refugees in integration into Croatian society.

The Coordination for Integration brings together civil society organizations that have the capacity to provide various social services to asylum seekers and foreigners under subsidiary protection.

It was established during 2011 and currently has 26 active members, namely: Jesuit Refugee Service – JRS, Association We, Are You Syrious ? – AYS, Croatian Red Cross – HCK, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Croatia – UNHCR, Society for Psychological Assistance – DPP, Rehabilitation Center for Stress and Trauma Zagreb – RCT Zagreb, Croatian Legal Center – HPC, International Organization for Migration, -IOM, Doctors of the World Belgium – MdM, Center for Missing and Abused Children Osijek, Croatian Baptist Aid – CBA, Center for Education, Counseling and research – CESI, Living Studio – DK, Status M, Institute for Development and International Relations – IRMO, Autonomous Cultural Center ATTACK !, Center for the Culture of Dialogue – CKD, Borders: none, Green Action, RODA Association, Zagreb Pride, Center for Sexual Rights – Women room, Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek, Afro Badinya Association and Civil Rights Project Sisak – CRP Sisak.

It is important to emphasize that transparency of policies and practices, as well as open, two-way communication between institutions, citizens and civil society, are key to the success of integration and the prevention of prejudice and discrimination.

With its comments, CRP Sisak contributed to the development of the Action Plan for Integration 2020-2022, which is in progress; and participates in the process of public consultation on integration and inclusion of migrants and persons of migrant origin opened by the European Commission, within the Coordination for Integration as an active member.