Free legal aid for 20000th beneficiary

On 21 April 2016, the Civil Rights Project Sisak (CRP Sisak) provided free legal aid for its 20000th beneficiary. Since its establishment until now, CRP Sisak has been providing free legal aid continuously, in its main office in Sisak and field offices.

Considering the fact that almost all of the beneficiaries are coming back again with approximately three cases, we can conclude that CRP Sisak has provided free legal aid in 60000 cases.

Through the implementation of different projects, programmes and actions, CRP have met beneficiaries that come from the most different social groups, but they all need assistance. The legal assistance in cases related to social welfare rights, status issues, labour rights, family issues and all other parts of law, is our everyday work, and some of our beneficiaries are coming to our offices after they had already lost their hope.

We hope that CRP will continue to help people for a long time and through every single advice – make world better place.

CRP Team!

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