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Visit to Capraške poljane

CRP, Ministry of the Interior, State AdministrationOffice and Centre for Social Welfare visited the Roma community Capraške poljane

On 30th October 2013, the Mobile Team visited the Roma community regarding solving of the Roma status issues, especiallyissues of statelessness. The Roma community has five Roma members without proper identification documents, as they do not have their citizenship regulated. Their parents after their birth did not registerthe citizenship and upon dissolution of Yugoslavia they missed the deadline for acquiring permanent residence in RoC. Also, they have difficulties with finding personal documents of their parentsin their country of birth. Because of their statelessness they are discriminated and have no accessto rights and services.

For persons who are in procedure of temporary residence in RoC, it has been determined that their applicationshave to be supported with other documentation, such as statements of identity or birth certificates from BiH, RoS or Republic of Kosovo.

In dealing with these cases of statelessness, CRP Sisak cooperates with partner organizationsthat provide personal documents from their countries. CRP also does the procedures of subsequent registration of clients.

It has been agreed that CRP will continue its cooperation with the Mobile Team in order to  combat discrimination of Roma and support functioning of the National Programme for the Roma.

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