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Veljko Kajtazi, Member of the Parliament for national minorities visited CRP Sisak

Veljko Kajtazi, Member of the Parliament for national minorities visited CRP Sisak regarding the CRP’s project „Building capacity of the Roma civil sector in the Sisak – Moslavina County“

On 11th of September 2013 Veljko Kajtazi, member of the Parliament for Roma and eleven other national minorities visited CRP Sisak. Mr. Kajtazi visited the City of Sisak and the Mayor on the same day.

With his associate Mr. Nedeljko Bjelajac, after the meeting with local authorities, the member of Parliament visited CRP in order to discuss the objectives of the Roma project, which CRP currently is implementing, as well as possible joint activities that could improve the situation of the Roma minority in Sisak – Moslavina County.

The presidents of the City and County Roma national minority councils, the director of private secondary school KOTVA d.o.o. Mr. Rašid Zuko and the President of “Novi svijet Luščani”, Svjetlana Grubješić, as a project partner, were also present.

Introductory speech was held by the president of CRP Milana Kreća, who presented the work of CRP through the provision of free legal aid to Roma. The President also informed on present results of the Roma project. It was agreed that Mr. Veljko Kajtazi would organise a presentation about Roma minority rights to Roma representatives in the Croatian Parliament.

Furthermore, Mr. Kajtazi said that his priority in the remaining two-year mandate is finding funds for the legalization of Roma settlements. The president of CRP said that in the Sisak area it was more important to parcel the land of the Roma settlements, i.e. Capraške poljane, as the resolution of the legal property relations was one of the main preconditions for the legalization of illegally constructed objects on the largest cadastral parcel owned by the city of Sisak. She added that CRP initiated the whole story with the local authorities for parcelling the Roma settlement.

Mr. Kajtazi said that the second priority of his mandate is the Roma education. Mr. Zuko made ​​its recommendations on the continuation of funding of Roma education. He said that the part of costs for about fifty Roma that started their education at his Secondary School in Petrinja were covered by the Government Office for the National Minorities, while the rest of remaining costs have not been covered. The CRP legal assistant Anita Košar Ulemek, added the case of Marjan Nikolić. He is Roma assistant who is working several years in the primary school “Braća Bobetko” in Sisak, on three months contract and until today has not received permanent contract and because of this situation he is thinking to quit this job, knowing that there has been a huge need for a Roma assistant.

Mr. Kajtazi said that it was very difficult to finance specific projects, especially initiated and unfinished ones. He continued saying that the state recognized the need to employ Roma people through a state measure of public works program, through which 650 Roma were employed this year and for which the government allocated 10 million HRK. It is one of the positive examples of government commitment to the Roma minority problems.

Finally, he suggested and agreed to cooperate with CRP Sisak regarding the status issues of Roma in the Sisak-Moslavina County. CRP will report the most difficult cases to the office of Mr Kajtazi. All the present agreed that the regulation of the status rights is a key step in improving social inclusion and an important precondition for the resolution of all other issues and a guarantee for a better future.

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