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The Week of Cultural Diversity

CRP Sisak participated in the week of cultural diversitythat was held in the Sisak Library “VladoGotovac”; branch office Caprag, where the Roma national minority presented themselves. The Cultural – Artistic Association “Black Pearls” presented themselves through their dance skills and traditional Roma culture. The young Roma activists also presented themselves through dance and recitation performancein order to reduceprejudices about the Roma ethnic minority.

The drama plays and recitals wereperformed by the Roma children, members of the Playgroup “Tinker Bell”, from Caprag, who were organising this 2. Week of cultural diversity.

The Week of cultural diversity began on 20 May 2013by presenting of the Serbian national minority.The school children performed their recitals and plays. The Bosnian national minority also presented themselves through a cultural evening organised in the Theatre21 in Sisak. Their distinctive program, including “sevdah” music performance of the female choir “Sevde” was warmly accepted by the audiencein the theatre.

Numerous recitals, plays, dance performed by the folklore ensembles and choirs positively contributed to the event, to the promotion and protection of human rights and minority rights, as well as to fighting against discrimination and the fact that the cultural diversity representedthe basis for coexisting in our multicultural community.

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