Debate of candiadates for the mayor

On the 11th of may, debate of candiadates for the mayor of Sisak took place in the Kristalna kocka vedrine culture center. Debate called „Ciitizens postcards“ was a part of the campain „Political speaking without hate“ which was organized by Platform 112 in the towns all over the Croatia, and in Sisak, our CRP was assistence NGO.
Before the debate volonteers colected more than one hunderd questions that citizens wanted to ask their next mayor. That number of questions shows that communication between citizens and laocal authorities should be much better.
Just three of six candidats for the mayor have respond to debate, Kristina ikić Baniček, Ivanka Boras and Rajko Mladenović, and to emphesize is that debate that laste more than two hours, has paste in quiet tone and without agressive speaking which can be seen in simillar debats. Debate was moderated by members of GONG who have read questions that were colected fromk the citizans and after that, they have opened a disscusion on which citizens were allowed directly to examine candidats.
On the disscusion there were a lot of the most different questions, from the problem with the price of the utilities to lack of citiy bus lines in some part of the city and idea for bulilding the „House of the NGOs“. After disscusion, all gathered made descision to collect the questions on the citizans postcards and to give it to the new mayor, so that he o she could realized what are the main problem of the citizans and would be able to solve it.

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