Meeting with the Ministry of Justice

On 12 March 2013 in Zagreb CRP met with the Ministry of Justice. The meeting was attended by Vanja Bilić, assistant to the Minister of Justice, Renata Duka, Head of the Civil and Commercial Regulations Sector, Mirjana Matov, Head of the Department for Procedural, Commercial and Administrative Law, professor Alan Uzelac, Slađana Aras and Barbara Preložnjak of the Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty in Zagreb, Sanja Sarnavka from NGO B.aB.e., Ljiljana Božić Krstanović and Natalija Šarić from the Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights Osijek, as well as Dunja Čurčija from CRP.

The meeting discussed the draft of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Free Legal Aid. The above mentioned NGOs and the Legal Clinic made their comments to the Draft. The meeting discussed all the problematic articles of the Law. The issues that were discussed were related to the request for free legal aid, criteria for beneficiaries and financing of primary legal aid by NGOs. The NGO representatives pointed out once again that the present way of financing of NGOs was not adequate, because the NGOs are non-profit making organisations and the present way of financing by the tariff is not at all adequate. The NGOs need to be financed through projects.

The Ministry said that the biggest problem related to free legal aid was financial. In order to find the best possible solutions for providers and beneficiaries, it was agreed to have meetings in Sisak and Zagreb.

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