“Civil society organizations – their status, initiatives and their benefit to the society“

The Association of the Blind persons in Sisak and part of Sisak-Moslavina County organized a round table of the “Open Sisak” Initiative named “CSOs – their status, initiatives and their benefit to the society” on 28th of November 2012 in the premises of the Old People’s home in Sisak. The civil initiative was implemented with the financial support of the Regional Foundation for Local Development “Zamah” as part of a decentralized model of financing of the National Foundation for Development of Civil Society. The round table was attended by thirty representatives of CSOs, and representatives of prominent political parties in Sisak, but no officials showed up in order to represent local authorities, despite of several invitations.

After welcome and introductory remarks of the hosts, the participants were given the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves and their work. A nontransparent procedure connected to passing of the city budget was pointed out during the debate. The participants pointed out the practice in Sisak where the funds from the budget allocated for civil society are not allocated in accordance with adequate criteria. A special issue has also been brought up and it related to existence of the Council for the development of civil society that was formed by the local government in 2009. The council should aim to meet twice a year, but it actually never fully came to life, and never fulfilled its role. The next round table is scheduled for Friday, 7th of December and a representative of the Commission for people with disabilities from Velika Gorica is invited to participate in order to present the model of good collaboration between local authorities and civil society.

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