Cooperation of the Centre for Human Rights, human rights NGOs and Legal Clinic of the Law faculty in Zagreb

On 20th of March 2012 Civil Rights Project Sisak attended the meeting organized by the Centre for Human Rights andLegal Clinic of the Law Faculty in Zagreb. Several associations from all across the Croatia attended the meeting, some of them were: Association  Roma for Roma, Serbian Democratic Forum, Croatian Law Centre, NGO “Better Future”,M.A.R.E., UPIM, Green Action, Association “OKO”, Croatian Association of the Blind, Coalition of NGOs in Health Care, Centre for Rehabilitation Stančić, etc.

Representatives of the Legal Clinic presented their work, work outside the legal clinic (field work) as well as futureplans. Among other things, representatives of the Legal Clinic pointed out their successful collaboration with the Civil Rights Project Sisak, which regularly receives the Legal Clinic students for a practice and introduces them with thework of the association and with free legal aid providing system.  The Clinic invited new, potential partners and offereda cooperation agreement with the Legal Clinic in order to provide citizens with legal aid more efficiently. The present expressed a big interest in legal aid related patients rights.

This was the third in a series of such meetings organized by the Centre for Human Rights in the last two years. Similar meetings will be organized in future in order to improve the current cooperation and establish new ones.

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