Dialogue workshop

On 12 November 2010 in the Civil Centre Hrvatska Kostajnica, CRP Sisak organised a dialogue workshop on life adaptation and coexistence of population in Hrvatska Kostajnica regarding different life experiences, different culture, ethnic, social and family background. Considering the fact that the workshop was attended by more than 30 participants of different national, cultural, social and educational background, it is obvious that people have need to verbalize their experiences and perspectives of linking in present and future. The participants expressed their views regarding the events that happened in last 20 years, especially regarding separation between population based on different cultural, religious and political belonging. Most of the participants had refugee or IDP status. A comment of one participant was very impressive: ” We gathered here today and we talk, what we haven’t done so far. If nothing else, when we meet in the street tomorrow, we shall say hello to each other, and that is a lot.”

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