Commission for Gender Equality and Human Rights in Glina

On December 15th 2016, at the premises of the City of Glina, a session of Commission for Gender Equality and Human Rights of the City of Glina was held. The session was also attended by a representative of the Civil Rights Project Sisak, who submitted the report on the work of the Field Office of the CRP in Glina, and the projects implemented by CRP. On this occasion, members of the Committee were made more familiar with the problems faced by clients who have visited the local office of CRP, with the structure of problems and clients also, and with the way the Field Office of CRP assisted them. The Commission talked about the human rights situation in the city of Glina, and the manner in which all participants could contribute to improvement of the same and thus provide a better life for all citizens in this area. Members of the Commission positively evaluated the work of CRP in Glina and supported further engagement of CRP in Glina.


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