Second meeting of the “Local Platform for Roma”

On 28th April 2016 in Sisak, the Civil Rights Project Sisak organized the second meeting of the “Local Platform for Roma”, coordination body that has been created as an activity of the project “The Importance of Being Roma”. The implementation period of the project is from 1st November 2015 – 31st October 2016, and it is financed by the European Union, with the co-financing by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

Considering the fact that all stakeholders are familiar with the main goal of the project, which is encouraging the members of Roma national minority to declare themselves as members of Roma national minority, which is why the theme of the first meeting was – STATUS RIGHTS, this time the theme was – education of the members of Roma national minority.

Beside the representatives of the members of the Local Platform for Roma, we have also invited representatives of educational institutions that work with Roma children – Elementary School “Braća Bobetko” and kindergarten “Sisak Novi”. From these institutions, we were able to get information directly from the field. Representatives of Roma national minority also gave their opinion about problems that influence on low presence of Roma in educational system.

After the heated but constructive discussion, some of the conclusions were that the raising the number of Roma children in educational system is one of the priorities that would lead to the social inclusion.  In addition, the scholarships, which would be paid during the whole elementary education, could be of help for Roma parents, who are socially vulnerable in most of the cases.


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