Kirgistan delegation meeting

On 16 October 2015, CRP Sisak participated in the meeting on the topic of free legal aid together with the Delegation from Kyrgyzstan. The meeting took place at the Legal Clinic in Zagreb. Namely, the Parliament in Kyrgyzstan adopted the Draft Law on Free Legal Aid. The Delegation members are also members of the working group for the adoption of the Law and they include representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Bar Association, CSOs and representatives of SOROS.

Ph.D Barbara Preložnjak, Assistant Director of the Legal Clinic, presented the work of the Clinic and the number of received and resolved cases.

Dunja Čurčija, Legal Advisor at CRP Sisak and academic mentor at the Legal Clinic, made a presentation on primary legal aid and the problems that have been faced from the adoption of the Law until today. She pointed out the problem of financing of NGOs as the biggest problem, which prevents quality work and continuity of the provision of free legal aid.

Mladen Klasić, deputy president of the Croatian Bar Association, presented the problems which lawyers met as providers of secondary legal aid.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the Delegation of Kyrgyzstan thanked on the presentations, emphasizing the importance of the exchange of positive and negative experiences in the application of the Law.


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