Celebration of the Roma World Day in Sisak

On the 8th of May 2015, in the „Cristal brick of joy“ hall of the Cultural Centre in Sisak, a celebration of the Roma World Day was organised. Roma World Day is being celebrated in order to remember the First World Roma congress that was opened on the 8th of April 1971 and where decisions on Roma national anthem, official language and national flag were made. Roma NGOs that organize the manifestation had some financial problem related to organizing the manifestation and it caused one month delay of the manifestation. That delay influenced on appearance of the Croatian Parliament member and representative of Roma national minority in Croatian Parliament Veljko Kajtazi, who for the first time, did not come to the manifestation, but the letter of Veljko Kajtazi was read to the audience. Representatives of the Town of Sisak, Sisak-Moslavina County, Center for social welfare, Red Cross, Ministry of the Interior and all other stakeholders that deal with Roma and help Roma to achieve better conditions of living, also attended the manifestation.  In his speech, Josip Takač, head of the social services department in the Sisak-Moslavina County, explained a positive discrimination of Roma in his part of work, and Marko Krička Deputy Mayor of Sisak, also spoke about Roma everyday problems and their integration in the society.

Beside the traditional performance of the Sisak Roma cultural NGOs, Roma NGO „Kutinski Biseri“ also attended the manifestation and made performance with their two songs. CRP Sisak, like every year before, helped the Roma NGOs to organize this manifestation by making and distributing invitation cards, coordinate activities of Roma NGOs and moderating the programme of the manifestation.

CRP thinks that this kind of manifestation is great opportunity for Roma NGOs to show their work to the other citizens and in that way brake the prejudices and discrimination and make better and more tolerant society in Sisak-Moslavina County


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