Presentation of the project „Europe in my Farm“ publication and brochures

On 28 June 2014 in Sisak, CRP Sisak organised a presentation of the publication „Europe in my Farm“ and brochures „Plum brandy“, „Traditional Pig Slaughtering“, „Milk, cheese and cream“ and „Honey and forest products“. All materials were written and printed within the project „Europe in my Farm“, which was financed by the European Union, IPA INFO 2012 programme, and cofinanced by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of Croatia and Ministry of Agriculture.

The presentation was held on Saturday afternoon at the Sisak Promenade along the Kupa river, which is the most favourite gathering place for the citizens of Sisak and is located across the CRP Sisak office. The location and time were chosen based on the fact that a high number of citizens were walking there during their free time. Therefore, it was the best way for fast informing of many citizens.

During the event, for about 30 participants (agricultural experts, representatives of family farms, cooperatives and similar), CRP organised a snack and refreshments in the “Mali kaptol” restaurant, which was located at the promenade. All participants were given a number of publications and informative-educational brochures in order to distribute them to their associates and so contribute to informing of citizens, which was the main objective of the project. The presentation of the publication attracted a huge interest of citizens, because it spoke about agriculture and rural development from the point of view of a citizen of the rural areas of the Sisak-Moslavina County. During the whole event, a promotion stand of CRP was on the promenade and it was providing citizens with information on the “Europe in my Farm” project, copies of the publication and other promotion materials, as well as sets of small hand tools. Therefore, through direct interaction with citizens, CRP distributed over 300 publication, 100 brochures on each traditional production and 30 sets of shovel and rake.

The interest of the citizens was huge and many of them would approach the CRP office for further information.


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