Free legal aid in Topusko

From 7th May 2014 the Civil Rights Project provides free legal aid in Topusko, every Wednesday 09:00-13:00, in the Municipality premises, first floor on the right.

After Jelena Roknić, president of the NGO “Bridge” Perna, who is also Deputy of the Municipality Head, pointed out the problem of availability of the free legal aid to the citizens of the Municipality of Topusko, CRP team solved that problem by opening of the mentioned office.

Despite of the fact that CRP Sisak, with its offices in Gvozd and Glina, already covers most of the territory of the Sisak-Moslavina County, very weak public traffic connection with those offices and the fact that the population in the area is mostly poor, old and uneducated, unable the population from Topusko to come to those offices.

As we consider that free legal aid is one of the basic human rights that should be accessible to all people, we believe that this office will help citizens in solving of their problems related to ownership, status rights, pension, health and social insurance, family issues, etc.


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