CRP study visit to Orehovica

CRP organized astudy visit to Orehovica in Međimurje County within the project „Building capacity of the Roma civil sector in Sisak – Moslavina County“

On 29th October 2013 CRP visited the Municipalityof Orehovicain Međimurje County together with the representatives of Roma CSOs and their members from Sisak – Moslavina County, President of the Sisak Council of Roma national minority, project partner andrepresentatives of OSCE and UNDP.

The main goal of this study visit was to inform the Roma with the positive experience from Orehovica regarding the cooperation of Roma CSOs and local self-government through partnership on the EU projects.

During the one day visit the participants visited the Municipality hall in Orehovica, Roma settlement and the primary school Orehovica. The Mayor FranjoBukal and his assistant Dijana Novak informed us about the project of Rokic „DROM“ that was implemented within IPA Cross – bordercooperation programme with Slovenija during the period 2007 – 2013. The objective of this project was creating spatial and social conditions for operating institutions and Roma CSOs in the Roma settlement of Orehovica.

Within the project,a public tent was allocated in the Roma settlement as a place where Roma can hold public activities such as workshops and other manifestation. Also, computer equipmentwas provided and web portal was created for the cultural and touristic information point in Orehovica and Slovenia. During the project implementation, Roma were also attendingthe computer workshops. The Municipality bought a land in the Roma settlementfor building a cultural centre.

The president of city Council for Roma national minority and president of Roma CSO „EuropskiRomiMeđimurskežupanije“, KrunoslavVuk presentedthe situation of the Roma settlementOrehovica. 600 Roma live there. Within the project „Support to Roma“, IPA programme 2008 that was implemented by theGovernment Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities, the settlementgot the infrastructure.

Roma are integrated in local community, which can be seen through education. The director of primary schoolOrehovicaBrankoSušec presented the school curriculum. Roma and other children attend the school together. The school has a Roma assistant DraganIgnac, who is also the president of Roma CSO „Uzor“.

The study visit was a good mechanism in motivating our participants. The experience gained through it gave us knowledge on how to build capacity of Roma CSO and that it is not possible without cooperation and partnership with the local authorities.


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