Improving the design of the National Plan for fighting against discrimination

The Civil Rights Project Sisak participated in the workshop “Improving the design of the National Plan for fighting against discrimination”, which was held in Split from 27 June until 29 June 2013.
The workshop was attended by representatives of regional contact points of the Ombudsman’s Office in fighting against discrimination, Ms. Nikolina Patalen from the Ombudsman and Ms. Anka Kekez Koštro from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb.
Anka Kekez Koštro presented the procedures and results obtained from the analysis of the design of the National Plan for fighting against discrimination during the first day of the workshop. The present discussed about the work of the regional contact points in the last year, as well as about discrimination cases.
The second day of the workshop, the participants worked in groups in order to define the areas which should be the base for structuring of the National Plan for fighting against discrimination. For all areas of the discrimination, relevant documents were identified, more than a hundred.
On the third day of the workshop, groups of participants were analysing the forms, causes and consequences of discrimination in labour issues and employment, as well as general and specific objectives in related areas. The guidelines for the instruments and activities were made and they would be developed in the Action Plan.
Drago Pepić from the Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance informed the present that the Center made several joint legal actions (law-suits) together with the Centre for Peace Studies.
The conclusion was that the general public still needed to be informed about discrimination and fighting against discrimination. The importance of free legal aid in protection of human rights and fighting against discrimination was pointed out.
The next workshop will be held in early October 2013.


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