Program of support for Croatian citizens after joining the European Union

CRP Sisak participated in a conference in Zadar held from 3rd July until 5th July 2013, where the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and IMPACT in collaboration with ECAS from Brussels presented a program of support for Croatian citizens after joining the European Union.
The Support Program was presented during a public debateorganised on the first day of the conferencethat was dedicated to the implementation of the international project for support to the citizens in the EU called ‘Triple A for citizens: Access to information, counselling& active support”.
Two video clips were presented at the conference, both produced by “Euronews” portal from Brussels, in co-operation with ECAS.They are related to the Croatian accession to the EU, and named “What about my rights?”and “Croatia: hey, but I am an EU citizen now!” Also, as a part of the program of support for Croatian citizens after joining the European Union, two publications “50 questions and answers about the rights of citizens of the European Union” and “DraftCharter on European citizenship” were presented, as well as activities of the IMPACT office for inter-sectoral collaboration and dialogue in Brussels. This office provides the Croatian civil society organisations with easier and more effective communication with the institutions in Brussels.
The organizations that provide free legal aid attended the conference on the second day. MirjanaMatov from the Ministry of Justice presented in basic a new legislative framework of the Law on Free Legal Aid, which should enter into force in early October 2013.
IvonaOndelj and Katarina Bulić, legal advisors, presented their service “Your Europe”.

NGOs representatives have used opportunity to exchangetheir experiences with representatives of similar organizations from UK, Romania and Ireland and a practical workshop – providing of free legal aid was organised.
CvjetanaPlavša-Matić from the National foundation for development of civil society announced on the third day of the conference that the call for proposals would be opened on 15th July, as a part of this project. It is a tender for organizations that are actively engaged in providing of free legal aid. The major problems existing in the current free legal aid system were pointed out; the finances represent the main obstacle for the provision of free legal aid.


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