CRP Sisak participated in the workshop in the IVth Elementary School in Varaždin within the project “Equally diverse”

CRP Sisak, as a regional contact point for combating discrimination in the region of Central Croatia, participated at the first workshop within the project “Equal in Diversity”, which was conducted by the Croatian Employment Agency, Government Office for Human Rights and National Minorities and the Ombudsman. The workshop was organized on 3rd and 4th of July 2012 in the IVth Elementary School Varaždin.

The workshops were attended by the entire school staff; both teachers and assistant / technical personnel. The workshops were to familiarize them with anti-discrimination policies, provision of equal opportunities and encouraging diversity.

During the workshops, participants were working with school staff in groups; how to recognize, define and punish discrimination through practical exercises as well as working on the legislative framework. Special attention was paid to the Anti-Discrimination Act and the Code of Ethics for educational staff in the mentioned school, as well as on improving the relationship between teachers, parents and children.

After these workshops, the school will get recommendations for further development that may contribute to increasing equal opportunities and diversity in the working environment, and help to combat against discrimination.


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