Agreement with the Ombudsman on the project “Equal in Diversity”

On 5th of April 2012 Milana Kreća, president of the Civil Rights Project signed a cooperation agreement with the Office of the Ombudsman. According to the agreement CRP Sisak becomes the contact point for fighting against discrimination in the Central Croatia region. Establishment of this contact point is provided by the Ombudsman’s project “Equal in Diversity.” According to the Agreement, the Parties will co-operate and jointly act with the aim of fulfilling the project activities and improving the system of protection against discrimination. Dunja Čurčija, LL.M., legal advisor of the Civil Rights Project was appointed as the person responsible for the implementation of the project and Anita Košar Ulemek, bacc.admin.publ. – legal assistant in the CRP Sisak was appointed as a deputy responsible person. Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance – Vukovar was selected to implement the project in the region of Eastern Croatia and the Centre for Civic Initiatives Porec was selected for the region of Istria and Primorje, as well as “Cenzura plus” for the South region and Centre for Peace Studies for the Zagreb region. The first training for appointed persons within the project “Equal in Diversity” will be held on 3rd and 4th of May 2012 in Zagreb. CRP Sisak will continue fighting against discrimination also after the termination of the project as a contact point of the Ombudsman in the region of Central Croatia.


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