Monitoring and evaluation of the public policies

Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights Osijek, Centre for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance Vukovar and the Serbian Democratic Forum held a workshop on “Monitoring and evaluation of public policies” as an activity of the IPA 2008 project – an initiative of civil society for the changes in anti-discriminatory policies. Workshop was held from 7 – 9 of September 2011 in Donja Stubica.
The purpose of the workshop was to increase knowledge and skills for monitoring of the public policies, analysis and reporting of data collected – creating of diagnosis and recommendations for changes of the policies. Training was organized for CSOs that are already working or would like to work on changing of public policies within the scope of free legal aid and prevention of the bad public policies. 12 associations took active part in the workshop, including CRP Sisak. The workshop focused on monitoring of the application of the Law on the free legal aid. At the end of the workshop joint commitments were defined by the stakeholders, as well as the deadlines and methods of monitoring of the Law on free legal aid in practice.


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