Dialogue workshop in the Citizens’ Centre Glina

2 November 2009 – dialogue workshop was held in the Citizens’ Centre Glina. The workshop was organised to discuss “Quality of life in the post war local community.” The quality of life in the post war community has been significantly compromised by slow economic development, poor social capital (population), lack of systematic care and development, as well as lack of motivation of community for change and progress. There was an interesting discussion on reasons (that were mainly external circumstance) for decision on living in Glina. This issue was openly discussed by the domicile population, with refugee experience, of Croatian and Serbian ethnicity, settlers from BiH, as well as settlers from other parts of Croatia, who came to this region after the military action Storm for employment and housing care reasons. There was no conflict during discussions, but mutual tolerance. The local community representatives showed interest for such work and it is a special value of this workshop.


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