Dialogue workshop in the community center in Budičina

On 16 June 2011 CRP Sisak organized a dialogue workshop “Successful communication and good motivation are best way for success”. The workshop was held in the village of Budičina, near Petrinja. 20 people participated at the workshop, coming from the villages of Budičina, which is a Croatian village, and Klinac, being a Serbian village. The participants were mainly people with agricultural background. The workshop covered the following issues: quality of life, communication, exchange of information, motivation, tolerance, friendship, humor and other. At the begging, the participants were quite reserved, but later on they started discussing issues of common interest, such as advantages and disadvantages of living in villages, present situation in their villages, education possibilities, inter ethnic relations, etc. The participants concluded that such meetings are very important and they need to be done periodically.


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